Big Changes To Come For Synergi Techs

With a heavy  heart we announce that Synergi Techs will be shutting down it's operations and reopening under a new name with fewer services. As we strategically move to diversify our portfolio to meets the needs and demands today we will cease all new customers intake as we work with with existing customers to move them to a new service provider.


With the SARS pandemic that has plagued the world has caused businesses to change as did the workforce and staffing. Since a large part of Synergi Techs business was on-site which required us to see people in person we have seen a lot of our customer go out of business or cut back on services.


All hosting, domain name, and other web need customer that we have today we will be keeping. We will be in contact to move your accounts to our new management software and then we will move your hosting to new servers.


Currently we are working on the following:

  1. Securing new company name - 100%
  2. New company logos - 40%
  3. New company promotions - 15%
  4. Setup new company social media - 0%
  5. Securing needed domain names for new company - 50%
  6. Getting new company systems online and configured - 10%
  7. Building new company website - 1%
  8. Finalizing the list of all services the new company will offer - 0%
  9. Getting new customer servers online - 25%
  10. Announce new company name - 0%
  11. Moving customer to new management system - 0%
  12. Move hosting customer to new servers - 0%
  13. Launch new business to new customers - 0%


Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions. Thanks to all the customer that has stuck with us since 2016 and thanks to all the customers who will still be with us as we move to the new company.



Synergi Techs

Sunday, August 7, 2022

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